Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Nasabah Menggunakan Internet Banking (Studi pada Nasabah Prioritas Deposito Bank Syariah Indonesia KCP Malang Kawi)

Triesti Candrawati, Widi Dwi Ernawati, Yunia Afiatin, Subekhi Subekhi


The provision of services to customers in banking has experienced a very good change in connection with technological developments, where the business strategy in the banking world has placed information technology as the main factor in serving its customers. Information technology advancements have alsi sparked innovation in the service sector, including banking service. Internet banking is a form of electronic transaction which is a new form of development of bank service delivery channels which has changed a banking business strategy that initially relied more on human technology to become information technology. The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that influence customers in using internet banking. The population of this research is 100 priority customers at Bank Syariah Indonesia KCP Malang Kawi. While the number of samples obtained 80 priority customers using purposive sampling method. This study used the SEM approach with Smart Partial Least Square (PLS) software version 3.0.  The conclusions that can be drawn based on the test results include the Ease of Use variable, the Risk variable and the Trust variable that have a positive and significant effect on the use of Internet Banking, while the Usefulness variable does not have a positive and significant effect on the use of Internet Banking.

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