Analisis Interaksi Bisnis Umkm Muslim Fashion Dalam Keputusan Pembelian Melalui Shopee Live

Claurizsanti Astri Pratiwi, Athaya Faza Mazidah, Cahya Fayyaza


The advancement of science certainly goes hand in hand with technological advances, every development of science is made to provide good benefits and convenience to support human activities, one of which is in the business sector in the digital marketing section. One of the media used to sell in the marketplace is Live Shopping. Shopee is one of the marketplace pioneers in the online business industry that has the Shopee Live feature. This study aims to determine and explain the interaction of consumer behavior with sellers that can influence purchasing decisions for Muslim Fashion MSME products during Shopee Live. This research uses a qualitative paradigm with the Netnography method. Data was obtained through several Shopee Live accounts that interacted between sellers and buyers. Data analysis was carried out by coding, abstraction and comparing, checking, and theorizing. The results of this study show that six consumer behavior factors play a crucial role in the decision to purchase Muslim Fashion MSME products through Shopee Live feature communication.

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