Penerapan Tapping Box Dalam Mendukung Inovasi Digital di Kota Malang

Annisa Fitriana,, Rika Wijayanti, Dyah Metha Nurfitriasih


Tax service innovations by integrating information technology are increasingly being adopted by local governments, one of which is a tax service by installing tapping boxes in Malang City. The installation of tapping boxes still does not target all potential taxpayers, especially hotel and restaurant taxpayers. It is interesting to see the effectiveness and contribution of the installation of tapping boxes to increasing local revenue. In this study using the method of analysis of effectiveness and contribution analysis. The data used includes target data and realization of hotel taxes, restaurant taxes and PAD for the 2018-2022 period. The results of this study indicate that tapping boxes are effective in increasing hotel and restaurant tax revenues and contributing to an increase in PAD in normal economic situations.

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