The Implementation of ProWritingAid to Help Students Reducing Grammatical Errors

Umi Anis Ro’isatin, Mariana Ulfah Hoesny, Almas Adibah


Grammar and writing are two biggest challenges for EFL learners. Most of the time, students find English grammar difficult as the rules are different from Bahasa Indonesia. While they have only limited time to learn all the aspects of grammar in the class, the lecturer has his/ her own problem that there are many writings to check every week. To overcome the situation, the help from online applications can be a handy solution for both parties. Prowritingaid is a free website, which assists users to make better writing including in grammar. There, the users do not only get the correct form of grammar including tenses and parts of speech, but also some advice and explanation of how they can revise it. In this way, the users are not spoon-fed by the tool but rather trained in a more comfortable way. On the other hand, the lecturer can also get benefits from the tool that he/she does not need thoroughly checking students' piles of writings. The lecturer can use the report from Prowritingaid as the basis to help students with their grammar problems in the classroom.

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