Eka Prassetyono, Achmad Haidir Ali Fathani, Novie Ayub Windarko


Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery is one of commercial battery types widely used in the world. This battery
type is very familiar because free maintenance and simple charging method, such as constant voltage or constant
current and combination of both methods to obtain the appropriate charging current standards. In addition,
charging power converter topologies to obtain high efficiency is also an option. This paper discusses SLA
battery charging system with a combination of constant current and constant voltage using Interleaved Buck DCDC Converter (IBC) with a coupling capacitorpower converters. This converter has a large step down voltage
conversion ratio, small ripple of currents and voltages and have a high efficiency.PWM control and charging
mode selectionATmega16 microcontroller is used as the control system. The experimental results for charging a
12V/17Ah battery showedthe charging system with a combination of constant current and constant voltage
worked properly. Maximum voltage of converter for charging was14.3V at 2Acharging current, 4% ripple of
current,2% ripple of voltage. Converter efficiency has reached 90.6%.

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