Penentuan Number Transfer Unit (NTU) dari Sistem Fluida Propilen Glikol – Air, Untuk Evaluasi Efisiensi Penukar Panas Shell and Tube 1-1

Abdul Chalim


The development of science in line with industry and technology will increase the huge energy demand in the industry. The effective way to reduce energy demand is to use energy more effectively (Hasanuzzaman, M, dkk, 2008). Heat exchangers are devices that provide a flow of thermal energy between two or more liquids at different temperatures (Kakac, 2002). With the temperature difference in the system, there is a heat transfer value and NTU so that the device effectiveness value can be known . The use of propylene glycol blending fluid system - water as a cooling heat exchanger with a volume ratio (1: 1), aims to get NTU values.

From the results of experiments on heat exchanger operating conditions, type of shell and tube 1-1 capacity of 20 liters with fluid flow used propylene glycol-water blending. The temperature of the fluid used is 290 K. Variable used, cold fluid flow rate entered with level: 160: 180: 200: 220 kg/hour. While the hot fluid flow rate entered with the level: 50: 75 kg/hour and the temperature of the hot fluid entered with the level: 306: 312: 318 K.

The results of the experimental data analysis were obtained, the comparison of propylene glycol-water blending (1: 1) with the best NTU value in various conditions was 3,703, while the best effectiveness value was 0.950.

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